Welcome to My ABC Treasure Hunt© online store! Here you may purchase the children’s book, My ABC Treasure Hunt©, along with bookmarks, coloring books, stickers and more!

Make learning the Alphabet fun and exciting! Join Christopher, Peter and Elizabeth as they go on a treasure hunt from country to country to find the ABC’s!

About The Book

Experience a new approach to teaching your child the Alphabet, with my children’s book My ABC Treasure Hunt©.

Christopher, Peter and Elizabeth are on a treasure hunt - and the treasure is the Alphabet! Join them as they search from country to country around the world.

Each letter of the Alphabet is matched with a country that starts with that letter. Then, each letter is matched with an animal from that country (or very close to that country). Meet Daisy the Dancing Dolphin and Terrell the Talkative Tiger as you learn your ABC’s!